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Thank you so much for contributing to our Eastern Star Charities and Projects.  Your donations allow us to make a difference in the lives of our members in need and to improve the communities in which we live.  We are grateful for your generosity!

Donations to the California Eastern Star Foundation and to the Eastern Star Homes of California (a.k.a, The Senior Living Community) are 501 C (3) and may be tax deductible.

To which fund/project would you like to make a donation?
Grand Chapter Endowment Fund(Home Endowment Fund) - Tax Deductible.
Eastern Star Homes of CA(dba: Senior Living Community) – Tax Deductible.
California Eastern Star Foundation-Tax Deductible.
Grand Chapter Perpetual Income Fund(to help fund the operations of the Grand Chapter office. -NOT Tax Deductible.
monthly reoccurring donation a one-time donation
$ $3 minimum.
Credit Card Info:
  my credit card billing info is the same as above