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Meal Events


The OnLine Meal order is closed as of October 8, 2021 

Please view and/or download/print the meal event fliers below for details of each meal event.

Order your meal 4 ways:

1. Order meals with the online form (click below) which lets you pay with credit card or via PayPal (where you may have a credit card or checking account linked), until October 8. Note: you can add multiple attendees and pay one time using this method.

2. Order meals with the online form (click below), print out the completed form and send it in with your check to the Grand Chapter Office to be received by October 8. You can also have more than one person’s meals designated on the online form and then send in your check(s).

3. Download the Meal Order Form (pdf below) and save it on your computer.  YOU MUST SAVE IT ONTO YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE FILLING IT OUT.  Open it on your computer and choose the meal events you want to attend.  Print this completed form (ONE PER PERSON) and send with your check(s) to the Grand Chapter Office   to be received by October 8.

4. Print the Meal Order Form (or get a copy of it from your Chapter Secretary) and fill it out with a pen.  ONE PER PERSON.  Send it with your check(s) to the Grand Chapter Office to be received by October 8.

Contact the Grand Secretary’s office if you need assistance.  (714) 986-2380

Please be sure to have a copy of Meal Order.  No tickets will be distributed.

Note:  Although some meal events are by "invitation only", members and guests are invited to attend all other events.

Wednesday, October 20th 

           Past Grands Dinner  (By invitation only)

Thursday, October 21st

Grand Representatives Luncheon

Fun Night

Friday, October 22nd

2000-04-08-12-16 Luncheon 

2009-13-17 Luncheon

2020ne State Dinner

2021-2022 State Dinner

2022-2023 State Dinner

2023-2024 State Dinner

Saturday, October 23rd

San Francisco Peninsula Breakfast

1995-1999-2003-2007-2011-2015-2019 Dynasty Luncheon