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California Eastern Star Foundation - Donations

California Eastern Star Foundation: 501C(3) Non-Profit:  Donations may be tax deductible

2021-2022 Special Projects

Fly Brave Foundation (Fly Brave Video)



Canine Companions for Autism


Foundation Funds


Benevolent Fund:


Disaster Fund:


Cancer Research Fund:


Heart Fund:


J. Clifford Lee Memorial Cancer Fund:


Marguerite Rennie Memorial Cancer Fund:


Medical Research Fund:


Patient Comfort Station Program:



Organist Scholarship Fund:
for keyboard instruction from a professional, private music teacher or through an accredited school, college, or university, and must use the skills gained from the education provided for the benefit of the Order in California as an Organist for a chapter


General Scholarship Fund:


Thelma Bailey Scholarship Fund:


Gerald P. Cashion Memorial Fund:
     for Business Admin.and Engineering Scholarship to a 4 year college or university


ESTARL(Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership):


June Lucretia Barnum Scholarship Fund:
for students pursuing a degree in forestry management or its related fields


Campbell/Dillon Scholarship Fund:
for students pursuing a degree in music


Scholarship Endowment Fund: 
     Donated funds shall be added to the restricted principal of this fund. Funds donated for scholarships that are not designated for the Scholarship Endowment Fund shall be deposited in the unrestricted Scholarship Fund.