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Eastern Star Patient Comfort Program

In 1957 our Past Grand Matron Marguerite Weisheimer wrote- " The members of the Order of the Eastern Star throughout the world support the fight against cancer in many ways. California Grand Chapter members have taken a decisive stand in an effort to alleviate the suffering of the victims of this dread disease." She continues to say "We thank the "Strong Minds, Great Hearts, True Faith and Ready Hands" which are making this work possible."

Times have changed but our mission has not, each "Patient Comfort Station" is individually run by members and volunteers. Each station is unique in what it makes, since each area is a little different in where they donate items, ie. hospitals, care facilities, individual patients, camps, etc. Even though each area is different, our goal is the same to provide comfort items free of charge to cancer patients.

Each item has a label on it saying "Made with Loving Hands by the Order of the Eastern Star", these items are made by dedicated members/volunteers who have worked for many years and many hours to make each cancer patient know that we care about them and are willing to help in any way we can to provide them with the "comfort items" they need.

The dedicated members working these programs give many hours of service. Donations fund the materials to make the many comfort items. New volunteers are always welcome. Click the Volunteer button to find a Patient Comfort Program near you. Donations are also always welcome. Click the Donate Now button (under Eastern Star Foundation: Patient Comfort Stations)  to keep the sewing going.